Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Practice - Weather Watch

I believe we had a similar start to last year's season... it appears that the weather is testing us this afternoon! Looking over a few weather reports, it looks like there is a chance (between 40-60%) for thunderstorms and rain between 2:00 and 5:00. I'm not really concerned about the rain, but I would certainly like to play it safe with the chance of thunder and lightning. As of 2:00, it does look like it would be reasonable to continue with practice as planned. However, if at anytime during practice we see lightning or hear thunder, I will take the kids inside to the RMHS Fieldhouse. I'm assuming that many of the other teams practing in the area will follow suit, so things may get a little crowded. In this event, please pick up your runner(s) as soon as possible in the front lobby of the RMHS Fieldhouse. Hopefully we can get the season started without any of the above issues. Regular pickup would be at the same location as drop-off and practice; parking lot across the street from the Coolidge Middle School. -Coach Dan

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