Friday, September 13, 2013

Team Time Trial

My apologies for not posting sooner... here are the results from yesterday afternoon's 1-mile Team Time Trial between the Coolidge and Parker Middle Schools... drumroll, please... PARKER WINS! A close race by all accounts as the Parker Girls (25 points) prevailed over the Coolidge Girls (30 points) while the Parker Boys (25 points) edged out the Coolidge Boys (31 points). For those of you new to Cross Country, low score (sum of the top five finishers' places) wins. If you compared average team times it's even closer with the boys only 1-second apart and the girls just 5-seconds apart. Finishing first for the girls was Alex Casarano (7th-Parker) in 7:53 with James Donahue (6th-Coolidge) leading the boys in 6:11. Both ran outstanding times! Most improved were Emma Johnson (8th-Coolidge) dropping 1:45 from last year and Ben Vanasse (7th-Parker) axing an awesome 2:24 from his 2012 time!! Congrats to all of our runners on a job well done. I'll try to link the full results under our schedule on this blog as well as in an e-mail to all parents. Thanks to all the parents for your continued support! -Coach Dan

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week #1 Wrap-Up

Great first week of practice! I'm still a bit stunned with our numbers this year. It's encouraging to see so many young runners zipping around the track and fields. The Reading "herd" should create quite an impression at our first big meet in just a few short weeks! We finished off the week with a fun continuous relay on the RMHS Track and a few extra sprints down the straightaway. Wednesday's "barefoot striders" on the grass seemed like a big hit as well. It was awesome to see a bunch of the team out running the Fall Street Faire 5k Sunday morning! That was much longer than any of the Middle School only races we'll be competing in this season. Looks like we should be well prepared for the one to two-mile races on the schedule. Next up is an easy day on Tuesday, then our one mile time trial on Thursday. Competition between the Coolidge and Parker should be tight! We will not be holding practice on Friday as I'll be out of town for a wedding. That might be a good day for the kids to go for a light 15-25 minute jog on their own. If any parents would like to help out on Thursday, I could definitely use a few extra hands at the finish line.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Practice - Weather Watch

I believe we had a similar start to last year's season... it appears that the weather is testing us this afternoon! Looking over a few weather reports, it looks like there is a chance (between 40-60%) for thunderstorms and rain between 2:00 and 5:00. I'm not really concerned about the rain, but I would certainly like to play it safe with the chance of thunder and lightning. As of 2:00, it does look like it would be reasonable to continue with practice as planned. However, if at anytime during practice we see lightning or hear thunder, I will take the kids inside to the RMHS Fieldhouse. I'm assuming that many of the other teams practing in the area will follow suit, so things may get a little crowded. In this event, please pick up your runner(s) as soon as possible in the front lobby of the RMHS Fieldhouse. Hopefully we can get the season started without any of the above issues. Regular pickup would be at the same location as drop-off and practice; parking lot across the street from the Coolidge Middle School. -Coach Dan